Portfolio | documentary, commissioned

Fashion Insiders: Sara Ferrero

Client: Hantang Culture Fashion Insiders
Partner Service: Person films
Date: 2018

“Fashion is the pulse of contemporary culture, where cinema, music, art really meet everyone’s life every day.”

Sara Ferrero is the Chief Executive Officer of Valextra. For a brand which is based on three pillars: architecture and design inspired, Milanese legacy and engineered beauty. It is now down to Sara Ferrero and the team to produce something beautiful but also functional. Sara Ferrero believes that the beauty should prevail from the brand logo, and in the same time the center should be the client. She always focus on one message: be true, coherent and perseverant.

Fashion Insiders travelled to the home of Valextra – Milan. It’s right here in this city, which is living a period of Renaissance according to Sara Ferrero, where we discover a passion in sobriety.