Portfolio | documentary, commissioned

Fashion Insiders: Giampiero Bodino

Client: Hantang Culture Fashion Insiders
Partner Service: Person films
Date: 2018

Unlike other luxury jewellery houses, Maison Giampiero Bodino offers a bespoke or ad personam service for clients who are looking for a personalised high jewellery ring, necklace or other exquisite jewel. Maria Doulton of The Jewellery Editor recently caught up with Giampiero Bodino in Paris to hear how the process works.

Bodino finds inspiration for these personal creations by sitting down with his subject at the Villa Mozart in Milan and collecting elements of their personality to create a portrait piece encrusted with the precious coloured gemstones that he loves.Through sketches, renderings and wax models the bespoke jewels gradually come to life, resulting in your very own Maison Giampiero Bodino masterpiece.