Portfolio | documentary, commisioned

Fashion Insiders: Kean Etro

Client: Hantang Culture Fashion Insiders
Partner Service: Person films
Date: 2018

From his very first collection, Kean has been following his own design philosophy. “I build a collection around a place and its sense of history, and then update the references using technology, fabrics and cut.” This, as he describes it, is the “New Tradition”. He boldly uses intricate patterns, and we can often find prints like wolves or owls in his collections.

For Kean, playfulness is fundamental. He believes we should take things easily in our lives. And he regards work as an opportunity to create beauty and share it with others.

Kean loves nature. He encourages all artists to examine nature, and look for ways to preserve it and connect with it.
Follow Fashion Insiders and Kean Etro, and discover his playfulness at the Etro “Dandy” show. Listen to his music and the story about sound and patterns, and find out what he thinks about luxury and nature.