Portfolio | documentary, commissioned

Fashion Insiders: Constanza Cavalli Etro

Client: Hantang Culture Fashion Insiders
Partner Service: Person films
Date: 2018

Born in Argentina, Constanza Cavalli Etro was immersed in the passions and energy of the Latin American people. She moved to Mexico when she was 21, and there, with her love for fashion and film, she co-founded the Fashion Week Mexico and the Latin American Film Festival. Later she came to Milan.

Inspired by this world capital of fashion, she founded the Fashion Film Festival Milano. The festival has become an international event, a platform for cultural exchanges. Visitors from all around the world get together to enjoy fashion films, appreciating the culture and styles of the big screen.

At the same time, the festival helps promote young filmmakers, designers and emerging brands, as well as the development of the fashion and film industries. Fashion Insiders takes you to Constanza’s Fashion Film Festival, vividly illustrating her enthusiasm and energy.