Portfolio | documentary, commissioned

Fashion insider: Carla Sozzani

Client: Hantang Culture Fashion Insiders
Partner Service: Person films
Date: 2018

If you visit No. 10 Corso Como in Milan, you may encounter a secluded place – the well-known 10 Corso Como. This is a special space and “living magazine” created by Carla Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Vogue and Elle.

For Carla, being editor-in-chief can far from fulfilling her wish to share and communicate with people. This is why 10 Corso Como came into being. It was a gallery, and then was transformed into a place that blends a fashion store, a gallery, a bookstore and a boutique hotel – a great destination for conversations and exchanges. “I wanted to create like a classic Italian piazza, a place for people to meet and communicate.” 10 Corso Como is like a magazine which allows fashion lovers exchange their opinions.

Carla encourages people to slow down and savor life in an easy way.
Fashion Insiders now focuses on the well-known 10 Corso Como. Follow us to read this “living magazine” and listen to Carla’s understandings about fashion, photography and arts.